Tuesday, February 7, 2017

5 Great Ways To Store Clothes

If you're a person who values their clothes, you'll naturally want to keep them looking their best. Whether you're looking to preserve pristine shirts or keep that new suit looking sharp, here's a handy guide to the best ways to store your clothes. 

Choose The Right Place 

It's super important that you don't hang your clothes anywhere moist or damp, or you could end up with mould in your wardrobe over time. Choose somewhere away from bathrooms and showers, in a place that's guaranteed to be cool and dry all year round. Also, make sure that freshly laundered clothes are completely dry before you put them away. 

Make Plenty of Space 

To keep your clothes in excellent condition, give them plenty of space to aerate and breathe in your wardrobe. Clothes that are packed tightly together will only wrinkle and crease over time. You may also find more snagging and rubbing between garments which will only cause further issues. To avoid this, give your clothes lots of space and, if necessary, invest in a bigger wardrobe or purchase an extra clothing rail for your bedroom. 

Choose the Right Hangers

Wire hangers are absolutely fine for t-shirts and lighter clothing, but think carefully about the ones you use for the more expensive items in your wardrobe. Items like winter coats, suits and fancy dresses should be hung on something a little bit more robust. A sturdy wooden hanger is perfect for keeping the shape of a treasured coat with its prominent shoulders. On the other hand, a padded number is better for the more delicate pieces, especially if you want to avoid marking the fabric. 

Fold when it matters 

You might think that hanging your clothes is the best option for all your items, but you'd be wrong. Some garments, like heavy knitwear for example, can actually stretch and lose their shape if hung. In these cases, folding and stacking them loosely on a shelf is a kinder option. 

Don't forget to button up

It's a wise idea to button up any pockets, collars or flies and make sure zips are fully zipped up before hanging items in your wardrobe. This is because these things can easily snag or get caught on other items of clothing, causing accidental damage when you least expect it. 

Store Shoes the Right Way 

Ideally, you should store your shoes in a shoe holder or shoe rack, keeping them off the floor where they could get damp, squashed or dirty. Another great tip is to stuff your shoes with newspaper so that they don't lose their shape over time. This is perfect for items like winter boots which will stay in storage all summer long.

So, how do you like to store your clothes? Leave a comment with your favourite storage tip.

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